Prepare ahead for the chilly days to come with gorgeous ensembles that will show off your unique sense of style. With an array of modern vibes and tailored pieces to help you fight boredom, the German label Oui can definitely prove a great source of inspiration for those on the look for delightful alternatives that can withstand the test of time. Unlike many labels which put emphasis mostly on dark colors and ultra versatile pieces, the label finds a happy balance between modern vibes and functional pieces that will be gladly worn again and again over the course of many seasons.

So, if you’ve always loved colorful pants which were mostly created for the hot season, you can continue wearing them if you make creative combos and, if there’s one thing the collection abounds in, it’s definitely fabulous mixing and matching ideas for a polished look. From gorgeous trench coats that immediately give the looks a refined allure to simple dresses which show off the feminine side while still being extremely classy, the label aims to keep things as diversified as possible.

Print lovers are also in for a treat. While the great majority of the prints are focused around the dominant style of the season to come, animal prints, the label also offers abstract prints or versatile stripes for those who are looking for an alternative. If the 70s influences dominated the past fall/winter season and we were able to see a multitude of wide leg pants, we can now notice that this is no longer the case and that skinny jeans and flirty skirts are seen as a better option for a flattering put-together look.

On the other hand, we can also notice that faux fur inserts and similar pieces are still seen as a fabulous trendy vibe. Since visual interest is easily created through clever layering techniques and well placed color punches, the need for dramatic accessories is practically eliminated. Versatile ankle boots, gorgeous printed sandals or classy pumps along with classy clutches are enough to complete the looks and provide the right balance to the outfit. It’s beyond clear: the new season is rife with amazing style possibilities worth indulging in.

Photo courtesy of Oui