It might be still too early to round out the fashion trends spotted at the New York Fashion Week spring 2014 edition, but there are a series of recurring influences that are definitely worth analyzing. 

Among them is the fascination with ’80s and ’90s fashion trends, which have been reinterpreted by some of the most influential labels of the moment. 

Street-fashion was at the core of several of the new season lines presented at New York Fashion Week as were minimalistic accents. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest new season creations inspired by the two decades:

NYFW Spring 2014: Alexander Wang Collection

Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Collection

If we were to describe Alexander Wang’s new line in just four words they would be: a vivid 90s throwback. The designer returned to his roots in more ways than one: he brought edgy interpretations of the street style from the era he grew up in and a bit of one of the decade’s most memorable trends – logo mania, using his own name, of course. Standout pieces from the designer’s new line were low-slung pants, leather jumpers, a t-shirt with the “Parental Advisory” logo and a pair of long leather gloves.View more: Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: DKNY Collection

Dkny Spring 2014 Collection

DKNY is celebrating 25 years in business next year, so the spring 2014 line brought back an array of colorful ensembles which packed plenty of ’80s and ’90s influences and trends. Like Alexander Wang, Donna Karan embraced the logo mania specific to the period with entire outfits dedicated to the trend and many tomboyish accents. Denim overalls, bermuda shorts, hooded jackets, paisley prints were just some of the elements the designer used to prove that the ideas the brand was based on at its debut are still as relevant today as they were back then.View more: DKNY Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Helmut Lang Collection

Helmut Lang Spring 2014 Collection

The work of contemporary artist Wade Guyton inspired designers Nicole and Michael Colovos to bring 90s-inspired minimalist looks back into the spotlight. After all, minimalism was the founder’s signature and one of the most important elements that helped the label gain popularity back then. The spring 2014 line features both deconstructed pieces like slouchy pants and sharply tailored ones such as jackets and blazers, as well as sheer dresses with geometric patterns.View more:  Helmut Lang Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Jeremy Laing Collection

Jeremy Laing Spring 2014 Collection

Canadian designer Jeremy Laing described his new line very simply: “Malibu Beach Barbie goes to a rave.” With that in mind, all those early 90s influences make a lot more sense. The designer brought an edgy blend of masculine and feminine influences in its newest creations, alternating boxy oversized pieces with bodycon dresses for an interesting contrast. If the first part of the line focused on black and white pieces, by the end the designer introduced items in sherbet-inspired tones.View more: Jeremy Laing Spring 2014 Collection

NYFW Spring 2014: Kenneth Cole Collection

Kenneth Cole Spring 2014 Collection

For designer Kenneth Cole the ’90s wasn’t the decade that proved fascinating. Instead he confessed being “fascinated by Eighties Harlem chic” and more specifically with the “convergence of all these cultures and how it feels now that they’re all starting to blend together.” Given these inspirations it comes as no surprise that the new line abounded in interesting elements: sporty vibes, tropical motifs, animal prints or edgy leather accents were just some of the alternatives the label brought into the spotlight.View more: Kenneth Cole Spring 2014 Collection

Photos: WWD