Are you girls into flirty, chic dresses? We definitely are! So, we scoured the web and discovered the new Novis spring/summer 2013 collection featuring an array of achingly lovely pieces that guarantee to add a dose of cutesy to your warm-weather wardrobe. Say goodbye to dull dressing and opt instead for playful and adorable designs such as the ones created by Jordana Warmflash whose immense passion for fashion can easily be seen in the pieces she makes.

If you still haven’t given the floral print trend a go yet, you should start now! The latest Novis collection is filled with oh-so-feminine and delicate goods for every fashionista eager to show off her girly yet chic side. Warmflash describes the Novis girl as “refined yet courageous in how she dresses; she doesn’t take herself too seriously, loves to get dressed up and truly appreciates a quality tailored garment with delicate details.”

From casual to glam, Novis has everything you need in order to transform all your looks into spectacular, head-turning appearances. Oh, but don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd trying something unique this season! And we’re pretty sure that a gorgeously floral-printed dress or a head-to-toe white combo could to the trick.

Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

As usual, Warmflash brings whimsical and elegant designs. Jordana, who launched Novis in 2012, finds her inspiration in all the refined and courageous women who, like her grandmother, are confident in their own eccentricities. Well, the best thing about these beautiful dresses is the fact that they have a timeless flare and feature impeccable details. Besides, they are not influenced by fashion trends. Their characteristics are the precisely tailored silhouettes and luxurious textures.

Everything began with Jordana, who worked at Zac Posen, Peter Som, and Alice + Olivia, making her own dress for a wedding. “I had a wedding to attend. I couldn’t find anything to wear,” Warmflash told Elle. “It was the first time I had made something for myself since college, [and] people were complimenting me, saying ‘Where did you get that? ‘I’ve never seen anything like that.'” And ever since, Jordana has been devoted to constructing the perfect dress. The result? Take a sneak peek at the new Novis spring/summer 2013 collection and see it for yourself!

Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Novis Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Photo courtesy of Novis NYC