It will be definitely interesting to see what the new Nina Ricci collection will be defined by at this Fashion Week edition. Let's have a look back at the brand's past successes.

This Paris Fashion Week fall 2013 edition will bring yet another Nina Ricci line into the spotlight. The label is known for its sophisticated designs with a feminine touch that has mesmerized fashionistas on more than a handful of occasions. There are plenty of recent examples which make us believe that Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week will be a feast on the eyes. Let's have a short look back at the mesmerizing looks that managed to create a strong impression on us.

An elegance filled spring 2012 collection managed to steal the spotlight at a previous Paris Fashion Week edition bringing a fresh take on sophistication and inspiring everyone to revisit their definition for chicness. Then came the fall 2012 collection which brought an interesting albeit more toned down approach. With the resort collection for 2013 presented a while back, the label confirmed its status as a source of incredible style insights with a refined allure.

Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

What will Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week bring into the spotlight? We're willing to bet the new Nina Ricci collection will match the standard the label has gotten us used to, however we'll only know for sure on Thursday February 28 starting with 6pm. The Nina Ricci collection will be unveiled during Paris Fashion Week 2013 at the Espace Ephémère Tuileries, jardin des Tuileries, Paris 1er.

Though there's quite some time left until the collection will be revealed, there's one way to enjoy the amazing creations under the Nina Ricci label. The best way to get a good view of the new alternatives and get a better understanding of what the label is all about is to visit the official Nina Ricci website, Remember that we'll be keeping an eye on the fall 2013 offerings, so be sure to stay close so you won't miss a thing.

Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos via Nina Ricci Facebook