Targeting women who are trying to move beyond the basic jeans look, the well known fashion brand Ralph Lauren will be releasing a high end luxury denim line with a youthful glamor vibe attached to it. In an interview with WWD, the brand’s mission for this new line becomes more than evident:

“This is really a new statement within our collection. It is Collection denim for the Collection customer. It’s not just a few pairs of jeans that we put into our collection. This is a whole concept unto itself.”

Referring to the difficulty with which many women find alluring pieces, Lauren also stated: “They can buy one or two pieces from a designer brand, but really, there is not a brand that has the fit, the details, the stretch, the vision and the point of view. It’s a fabric that doesn’t die. It’s already part of a woman’s life. This gives it a stylishness and a diversity that makes it very interesting.”

The line, which is said to hit stores this year in July is definitely not what many would expect in terms of clothing. Although classic pieces will be part of the collection, the vision of the brand is much broader than that, as it strives to be a revolutionary collection that might change some of the perceptions currently associated with blue jeans. Aside from skinny jeans, jeggings or wide leg jeans which are particularly fashionable in terms of spring/summer trends for 2011, women will also be able to purchase denim tuxedos, trench coats or even leather-like dark denim jackets.

Expanding the perspective when it comes to typical denim pieces is certainly an innovative idea, accessorizing seems to be the main ingredient that manages to make the looks stand out. Even though most looks are not particularly comfort-oriented, they still manage to spark interest due to their elegant allure. The polished urban look with an utilitarian vibe seems to be the main influence when it comes to the latest collection of the brand.

Although the idea might sound intriguing and innovative, those who are interested in purchasing one of the items presented in this line might have to consider making some substantial savings until July. That’s because this high end line will have matching premium prices. It is speculated that the pieces in the collection will have price ranges between $300 to $2,000.

Photos by John Aquino for WWD