Brazilian Modeling Agency Star Models recently released an eating disorder awareness campaign titled ‘You Are Not a Sketch’ which definitely got people talking. Though discussions regarding the unhealthy standards imposed by the fashion industry are far from being a recent concern, there were few images that managed to drive the point straight home as effectively as the new campaign. Featuring a fashion sketch on one side and and a model photographed to resemble the sketch as closely as possible, the new campaign definitely shows how much the illusion of perfection as understood by the industry influences the catwalks and ordinary women.

The “You are not a sketch. Say NO to Anorexia.” makes the work of illustrators Edson Rosa, Samuel Marinho a powerful stand against the widespread eating disorders problem. Despite the fact that the use of airbrushing to create the illusion of perfection is well known by everyone, the popularity of pro-ana sites still remains as high as ever. While the intent of the new ads is well understood, there are also critics who fear that these images might be used as inspiration by those already affected by the disorder.

Though it can definitely be argued that the sketches are just that, it’s hard to deny, at least at a subconscious level, that these sketches have powerful influence and shape the image of what is beautiful and acceptable not just on the runways but also in real life. Despite the massive backlash against the size 0 standard, the truth is that plus size models and even plus size mannequins are still a source of controversy despite the commonly accepted view that more than one body type should be represented on the runways and in stores.

New Anti-Anorexia Campaign: You Are Not a Sketch

The “You are not a sketch” campaign message is clearly targeted towards young women who are still forming their own definition of beauty, however it serves as a powerful reminder for everyone to avoid falling pray to unhealthy behaviors in an effort to get closer to artificially imposed standards of perfection and beauty. Though such reminders are always helpful, the true change will only be sensed once these ideas are truly translated into practice.

Do you think the fashion industry has a negative influence on the way beauty is perceived or is it the sole responsibility of each woman to cultivate a healthy body image?

New Anti-Anorexia Campaign: You Are Not a Sketch New Anti-Anorexia Campaign: You Are Not a Sketch

Photos: Star Models