The New York Fashion Week fall 2014 edition brought a diverse set of options for a multitude of style preferences but one key theme seemed to be dominant: practicality. The notion was especially evident in the last days of the NYFW when some of the biggest names in the industry unveiled their new lines. Practicality took many different forms with plenty of options for those who prefer more masculine looks and for those who love to show off their femininity irrespective of the season. However, muted colors and cozy fabrics were on top of the list for these labels:

NYFW Fall 2014: Hugo Boss Fall 2014 RTW Collection

The Hugo Boss fall 2014 collection marked Jason Wu’s debut as the creative director of the label. For his first line for the label, the 30 year old designer analyzed the label’s aesthetic DNA and looked for ways to bring it into a new direction.

Hugo Boss Fall 2014

He maintained the strong architectural look with a strong masculine flair but found ways to balance the looks and inject feminine accents into the new line. He paired fitted tops with flowing skirts, brought a multitude of military-inspired jackets in a variety of versatile shades. Experiments with prints were limited to geometric motifs which were mostly used as accents. A revelation came in terms of footwear, where patent leather loafers were the designer’s preferred choice for blending feminine and masculine elements. See the complete Hugo Boss fall 2014 collection!

NYFW Fall 2014: Michael Kors Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Michael Kors Fall 2014

Black and gray were also frequently seem in the Michael Kors fall 2014 collection, however, here things had a much more pronounced feminine vibe. The new line brought a diverse set of elements and textures but the overall impression was that of ease and relaxation. The line featured cozy knits, wool pants, lightweight chiffon skirts, mannish coats, luxurious fur pieces and even denim, albeit in small doses. Once again, with his unique vision of an “urban gypsy”, the designer chose to make pieces real women can wear on a regular basis, rather than elegant ensembles that are often only worn once. View the full Michael Kors fall 2014 collection!

NYFW Fall 2014: Calvin Klein Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Calvin Klein Fall 2014

Coziness was a central theme in the new Calvin Klein fall 2014 collection. Designer Francisco Costa brought a myriad of interesting options featuring knitwear. Of course, it wasn’t your average set of knitwear pieces one is able to spot at any store. Instead, the designer played with proportions and created options that matched his vision of “kind of a gypsy, very youthful and very urban.” If it’s one thing we learn from Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, it’s that great minds might think alike, however, the interpretations can vary greatly. Browse through the complete Calvin Klein fall 2014 collection!

NYFW 2014: Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Ralph Lauren Fall 2014

It was a busy day for Ralph Lauren who presented both his Ralph Lauren fall 2014 collection and his new Polo line. For his main line, the prolific designer focused his attention on pieces that expressed practical elegance, saving bold tones and strong contrasts for his Polo line and bringing a variety of chic options with a feminine twist, even though the line also featured masculine inspired looks with an architectural touch. The brand opted for a muted color palette which allows a lot of versatility and several mixing and matching possibilities. See more from the Ralph Lauren fall 2014 collection!

NYFW 2014: Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

A surprising dose of minimalism could be spotted in the new Marc Jacobs fall 2014 collection. The designer stated that he “wanted to keep it very light, very soft, very fresh, and a very neutral palette with just slight hints of color, cosmetics colors.” The idea of simplicity was also reflected shape and proportion-wise, even though the designer brought pieces with eye-catching textural details like ruffles, sequins or fur which added a more masculine vibe. See the complete Marc Jacobs fall 2014 collection!

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