Modern, vintage or eclectic. There are so many style perspectives that aim to help us make the most of our favorite denim pieces. Indeed, the versatility of the fabric is virtually unmatched and retailers are definitely set on showing us the multitude of possibilities when it comes to the styles we can draw inspiration from to vary our look and feel spectacular every time. For the warm months of 2012, the NEUW brand has chosen to channel vintage vibes with an allure of effortless simplicity.

Colored jeans, stripes and pleats are some of the hottest trends of the new season, yet the perspectives seen so far seem to be completely different from the direction endorsed by the brand. Aged denim looks, high waist jeans or a focus on a fairly permissive color palette with many pastels and neutral tones that greatly enhance the mixing and matching possibilities are preferred instead of flashy, super vibrant tones that are immediately recognized as powerful focal points.

Staying in a fairly safe style zone most of the time, the brand only features some slightly risky outfits like denim-on denim looks. The combos are straight forward consisting of sleeveless shirts and tank tops and high waist jeans. Occasionally, summery jackets are thrown into the mix as a way to create a subtle contrast and protect against temperature variations that are bound to occur very often in the months to come.

What might be lacking in terms of combinations is complexity which is somewhat made up in some of the accessory choices. A nice throwback at the last spring/summer season trend is the flatform style shoes which provide a distinctive eclectic touch. Oxfords and medium heel peep toe pumps are other interesting choices worth copying from the collection. Classic jewelry styles with an inconspicuous allure also suit the outfits styles presented by the brand.

Photo courtesy of NEUW Denim