The new Melody Ehsani x NCLA nail wraps are the most recent proof that nail wraps are still enjoying as much popularity as ever. Because good things come in small doses, only five new nail warps are being included just like the first Melodi Ehsani x NCLA 2013 nail wraps. It’s definitely nice to see that among the constants, fab designs are also included. The California based jewelry designer opted once again for colorful alternatives inspired by various themes.

Regardless of the motifs chosen, one thing becomes instantly clear in the new Melody Ehsani x NCLA nail wraps collection: bold hues which instantly attract attention are the ones you should go for if you’re looking to steal the spotlight this season. Fun animal motifs, a hint of geometry…some Art Deco inspiration or a few eclectic vibes are the suggestions for the sandal season. For those who like to try out new trends but without the commitment, the new NCLA nail wraps can be a great choice.

Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (1)Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (2)

Nail art enthusiasts can choose between the following patterns: Python Paragon, Sketch, Massai, Art Deco and Set Trippin’. As if the new NCLA x Melody Ehsani wouldn’t be tempting enough on their own, the collaboration also brings some fab styling ideas for fashionistas who are looking for maximum impact. A geometric themed set of rings can definitely help in that respect. With or without the additional accessories, the fab new nail patterns will certainly become instant conversation starters.

If you creativity was sparked by the mere sight of these new NCLA x Melody nail wraps, you will be glad to know that the new options are already available for purchase on the label’s official website for $16 each. If you’ve experimented with nail wraps before, it’ll only take you about 5 to 10 minutes and a few fairly easy steps to get a seriously cool mani with no drying time. Which of these new nail wrap designs suit your preferences?  

Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (4)Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (5)Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (6)Ncla  Melody Ehsani New Nail Wraps 2013 (7)

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