Refreshing touches to our wardrobes are always welcomed and mixes of bold vintage pieces and new trendy pieces are sure to prove a dazzling alternative to mainstream looks. With a fine selection of fab denim pieces, eclectic cool prints, bold tones and daring jewelry pieces, the label is bringing a multitude of options to make a stylish statement and avoid blending in with the crowd.

Between crochet cropped tops, cheerful pineapple prints, eclectic florals or interesting tribal vibes, edgy cutouts and uber covetable spikes attacks which transform the simplest pieces into irresistibly rad options to show off your wild side, one can barely resist falling head over heels with the collection. The indie vibes combined with a concern for giving off a polished yet rebellious allure are the perfect recipe for creating instant appeal and encouraging us to experiment with something a little different.

The bold tones are the hottest trend of the summer and a fun approach can be extremely valuable for feeling comfortable. Fortunately, such relaxed and super fun alternatives are quite abundant in this month’s lookbook. While the well thought out combos are enough to trigger a multitude of positive reactions, it definitely pays off to give the jewelry pieces the attention they deserve as they make the rad combos even more lust-worthy.

Metallic bangles, edgy cuffs, conspicuous rings and different bracelet styles go well with the lovely ensembles created as they offer both contrast and a ‘badass allure’ which is impossible not to be noticed. Standing out fearlessly and affordably can be a tough challenge yet the Nasty Gal brand makes it easier one lookbook at a time.

Photo courtesy of Nasty Gal