Dreaming of bold casual outfits that will show off the adventurous side of your style personality? The new Nasty Gal lookbook for June 2012 is here to cater to your style needs with gorgeous ensembles worth reinterpreting.

Boldness, eclecticism, a fun attitude are the expectations when talking about Nasty Gal. The June 2012 lookbook brings all that and more and offers plenty of thought-provoking outfits that are sure to cause a strong reaction. Simple combos, statement pieces and a daring attitude are all the necessary ingredients for creating a fabulous set of outfits that will reveal a part of your inner rebel. This month, think ripped denim elements, Americana touches, spikes all seasoned with wild prints like leopard and lots of jewelry pieces.

Cross symbols, leafs, fringes along with bold cutouts are only a few of the style elements presented by model Chloe Lecareux. Going simple can be incredibly effective for making a powerful statement and the envisioned ensembles are a clear proof in this sense. With dark tones such as black, creating a focal point becomes an automatic tendency and the statement part of the look flows instantly. Despite the apparent simplicity of the looks, accessorizing really changes the overall perspectives.

Even the most plain shorts tank top combos can be interesting if highlighted with all the right accessories. Caps, layered bracelets, rings, retro sunglasses, belts and strategically placed studs are some of the style ideas emphasized by the brand for this month. Paired with a purposely disheveled hair, the entire look becomes even more intense. Though the styles have a strong rock chic allure, there are plenty combos which can be adapted to various style perspectives without difficulty.

Perhaps the biggest style lesson from Nasty Gal is to stop taking things too seriously when picking outfits. Injecting a little fun into the looks and having the guts to take it to the next level with a few bold accents can have a tremendous impact on the overall effect. Put your creativity to work and reinterpret these fabulous style alternatives. Dare to experiment with these slightly unconventional ideas and prepare to explore new sides of your style personality and have fun doing it. The rewards will make it all worthy of your attention.

Photo courtesy of Nasty Gal