The holiday 2012 season has announced itself to be a sizzling one fashion-wise and it seems that Nasty Gal made sure fashionistas can shine like true diamonds in the new season. The fashion retailer showcases luxurious leather, sexy cut-outs and sequined designs in the new ‘Diamond Girl’ lookbook.

It might seem bizarre to see a lookbook that packs a high dose of sexiness brought by flirty cut outs, body hugging dresses and head turning hotpants in the cool season, but keep in mind that with the holiday season knocking at the door, fashionistas have to keep up with their glamor appearances.

Thus, Nasty Gal’s ‘Diamond Girl’ holiday 2012 lookbook provides all the essentials to shine bright like never before regardless of the occasion. This is the moment to push the boundaries when it comes to style as this year has been packed with clashing styles that range from virginal to gothic and everything sexy in between, so if you’re ready to revamp your style just in time for the holidays, Nasty Gal has the perfect solutions for you.

A symbol of femininity, the dress, takes its rightful place in the lookbook. The brand opted to bring designs that have either a bit of a dominatrix allure or a retro twist. Cage dresses, cut out maxi dresses, leather bodycon dresses as well as sequined simple mini designs help women define their style, so opt for the style that you feel most comfortable wearing.

We’ve already mentioned the high glam factor of the outfits, so obviously the splash of sequins and metallic finish fabrics are the ones to blame. These icy-finish, glittery details give the shorts, blouses, bustiers, blazers or shorts a bit of a twist that will dare you to resist temptation. Make room in your closet for stylish skinny and classic cut jeans, trendy shirts and peplum or flare skirts as these elements are also a definite must this upcoming season. Chic and monochrome or flirty and all pastel, the lookbook provides outfits that suit whichever woman you want to become, so browse through the design and select your new season must have Nasty Gal designs.

Photos courtesy of Nasty Gal