Nasty Gal enlists supermodel Bambi Northwood-Blyth to finish off the year in style with an edgy December 2012 lookbook that sure brings out the spirit of the label. Edginess and playfulness merge and the new options are casual yet eclectic enough to ensure everything stays as interesting and possible. Floral prints might seem like an odd choice for winter yet the label is creative enough to make it noteworthy and even worth replicating for bold fashionistas.

Denim, leather, fab dresses, overalls and fab jackets are some of the label’s style suggestions for the season to come. Bold color combos are by no means off limits. In fact, they are highly encouraged and it’s easy to see why. From unexpected proportions to cheerful pieces and creative accessories, everything is carefully thought through for maximum style impact. Youthful vibes shine through in each and every outfit presented.

Abandoning caution and daring to be playful require quite some courage style-wise, yet, as the label beautifully shows, the results can be spectacularly fabulous. Sure, there are the obvious edgy choices represented by the spiky bracelets or similarly rock inspired necklaces yet sunglasses with a retro twist, fun earrings or eye-popping shoes can be equally great ways of ensuring the fab factor. The ’80s can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to adding a playful vibe to your look.

The new options are a great option not only as a fashion insight but also from a hair-styling point of view. The label doesn’t shy away from creating some high volume hairstyles that match the allure of the upcoming holidays and can sure prove an alternative worth experimenting with in the festive days to come. The statement factor will definitely be well reflected with any of these choices.

Photo courtesy of Nasty Gal