Not fond of the traditional idea of prom? Check out the newest Nasty Gal lookbook and see if the label's 'anti-prom' options suit your preferences.

The Nasty Gal Anti-Prom lookbook is a perfect source of inspiration for the girls who aren't afraid to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd. Though the new season is just beginning, it's quite natural to start thinking about prom already...or begin mocking the entire fuss about the event, if that is more your style. The latest Nasty lookbook is designed precisely with this idea in mind, offering plenty of great ideas for those who want to avoid clichés.

The Nasty Gal Anti-Prom lookbook brings plenty of edgy rebellious touches you'll want to take a closer look at, especially if edgy accents with a trendy vibe is the effect you're craving. What could possibly be more badass than a fab leather jacket or vest which instantly exudes a cool the biker chic vibe? If you're looking for the perfect piece to complete a fab outfit you'd be hard pressed to find anything edgier unless we're talking about similar accessories. Still, the great selection of pieces doesn't stop here as there are plenty of interesting ways in which one can stand out.

Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook

If you're not a fan of the idea that prom attire belongs to the elegant range than distressed denim, floral maxi dresses or bold sheer accents might just be the right choices for you from the Nasty Gal Anti-Prom 2013 lookbook. Whether you're a fan of romantic accents or just like daring accents and bold combos, the retailer has some interesting options worth considering. Accessories are almost as important as the pieces themselves when it comes to making a statement, so the choices in this area can definitely make or break an outfit.

A rule for the Nasty Gal Anti-Prom lookbook seems to be comfort comes first, so it's not surprising that the sneakers are the go-to choice as far as footwear is concerned. A retro vibe can be easily obtained with the right pair of sunglasses, however, if you're into something a little more unusual, cat ears can work just as well. Bold jewelry and harness belts can be other great picks.

Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook Nasty Gal Anti-Prom Lookbook

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