Nasty Girl and Lazy Oaf join forces for a one-of-kind lookbook which proves that quirkiness should be embraced rather than feared. This definitely doesn’t come as a surprise if we consider the fact that eclectic pieces are the heart of the Nasty Gal label, which received a buy-out offer from Urban Outfitters not long ago. As for Lazy Oaf, eye-catching pieces with a spectacular playful vibes are definitely one of the British label’s strengths.

As one can immediately see when checking out the collections of either of the two brands, cookie-cutter options don’t fit the profile. According to Lazy Oaf designer Gemma Shiel, the two labels “take pride in embracing our inner weirdness. If we were at school together we would totally hang out.” A single glimpse through the new Nasty Gal x Lazy Oaf lookbook proves that indeed, the style perspectives adopted by the two labels are surprisingly congruent.

Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (2)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (3)

Can you guess what is the inspiration between the latest Nasty Gal x Lazy Oaf collection? If you can’t, we don’t blame you. It’s certainly hard to think about anything besides a bold ’90s throwback. Believe it or not, candy wrappers, rainbows, eclectic floral prints and ’90s sticker albums served as the base for the new 20 piece capsule line. Fans of Lazy Oaf might also recognize the label’s signature water melon print which adds a funky flair to any look. With a myriad of prints, motifs and unexpected cutouts, the new outfits are definite conversation-starters. To rock any of the ensembles presented in the new Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal collection, being able to deal with a lot of attention is a definite must.

Think you got what it takes to sport any of the looks from the new line? In that case, you’ll definitely be glad to know that the pieces from the capsule collection are already available for purchase on the two labels’ online stores. Fashionistas who live in London will also be able to purchase the new pieces from the Lazy Oaf London flagship store. Will you be splurging on any piece from the new collection?

Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (4)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (5)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (7)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (8)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (9)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (11)Nasty Gal Lazy Oaf Lookbook (12)

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Photos: Lazy Oaf