Kohl’s has already marked the start of the Design Nation collaborations with the Narciso Rodriguez project and the hottest new designs have already began emerging. Taking a modern approach with a subtle minimalist vibe, the designer manages to dazzle. The Turkish influence is not expressed literally but instead it’s reflected subtly through a series of perfectly intentional touches that put the focus exactly were it is most needed. Though images have began emerging early on, nothing can match the impact of the entire lookbook.

Perfectly tailored alternatives are complemented by slouchier alternatives like a printed pair of tuxedo-striped pajama pants or a more relaxed version of the oversized coat. Geometric vibes can be sensed in the vast majority of the outfits. It is also enlightening to see that color blocks are still seen as a fabulous way to make a lasting impression instantly. Feminine alternatives have an incredibly versatile component which makes them all the more appealing.

Color-wise, things are interesting and somewhat limited. You either go for maximum impact with color blocking or a middle version with a few pops or color or go for black and white. Sure, the alternatives are spectacularly beautiful either way. When it comes to patterns, abstract is the way to go if you ask the designers. With the right balance, the result can be extremely classy and interesting.

If you’re interested in some of the pieces, you’ll be glad to know that the collection is available right now at Kohl’s for a limited time only. As for the price range, the most affordable pieces are around $30 while pricier options top at around $150. With celebrities like Emma Roberts or Katie Holmes donning the looks, it’s easy to predict the new options will quickly fly off shelves.

Photo courtesy of Kohl’s