The name Naeem Khan has been closely associated with glamorous, red carpet worthy dresses. And indeed, the multitude of fabulous alternatives presented over the years have rightfully earned the label a well deserved reputation. The label has embraced an exciting direction for the next seasons and managed to incorporate a few day outfits in addition to the ultra glamorous alternatives that have dazzled fans in the past and that still steal the spotlight immediately.

Femininity is highlighted differently in each outfit. Abstract prints are strategically placed for emphasizing the right body areas and bring enough visual interest without making the designs too uniform. An interesting style touch is also the sunflower print which brings a distinct note of cheerfulness to the collection and brings a little diversity to the multitude of uber refined options. The grand variety of body con styles are the ones that manage to stand out the most, yet there are also more forgiving styles available for those who aren’t keen on being in the spotlight with super bold designs.

While the wide array of fabulous casual outfits is certainly an interesting touch for fans of the brand who encouraged this pleasant perspective, there’s no point in denying that the multitude of floor-sweeping dresses are the ones which inevitably steal the spotlight and rightfully so. Intricate embroidery, fabulous shapes, lace details, complex structures and well defined proportions are bound to leave fashion lovers wanting to get all the dresses instantly.

Golden sequins and golden embroidery are the ones that embellish some of the most head-turning pieces. As far as structure goes, almost anything is permitted: daring V necklines or round, strapless styles, one shoulder dresses… the possibilities are fairly numerous and best of all, irresistibly gorgeous. With a variety of seductive alternatives, finding flattering style alternatives worth copying is far from being an issue. Let the options serve as your source of inspiration for building your new season wardrobe.

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