Seeing how the new trends are reflected into the new season is what makes fashion fun. However, whenever we come across clothing that’s not only beautiful but also tells a story, we immediately stop and pay attention. 

This was the case with the Mythologica tees created by Romanian illustrator Alice of, who reflected a series of intriguing themes inspired by the ancient Romanian culture in her creations, in a modern interpretation.

The new Mythologica tees offer a glimpse into Romanian mythology and folklore by depicting a series of symbols that have shaped the Romanian culture early on, based on the stories of Iulia Gorneanu, an ardent supporter of the Romanian culture. 

The new T-shirts have a feminine cut and a relaxed fit. The front side of the tees is made of silk and features colorful eclectic prints, while the back side is made of cotton.

Mythologica Tee 1Mythologica Tee 2

Some of the symbols depicted in the new collection are inspired by the Thracian culture. For instance, Bendis, who was considered the goddess of the woods, moon and family, and Solomonar, a figure associated with ancient Thracian priests (kaptobatai) that was thought to have the ability to control the weather, are two interesting options depicted in the new Mythologica line.

Mythologica Tee 3Mythologica Tee 4

Other alternatives illustrated are options that still have a corresponding cultural representations today. Such examples include the Mythra god, who was considered the Son of the Sun and who was celebrated on December 25th, which according to old calendars, was the date that marked the winter solstice. 

Another interesting alternative from the new line, the Dragaica top, depicts the Sanziene fairies who were thought to be reminiscent of the Bird Goddess’s priestess and who were celebrated during the summer season.

These lovely tees, along with a more in-depth description of the symbols and the amazing stories that inspired them, can be found at, where they are available for purchase.