The preparation for the new season has began and retailers are putting their best creations forward as we speak. Mulberry joins the wide array of labels which give an appetiser as far as the spring/summer season alternatives are concerned. The label has definitely adopted a more serious tone compared with the Mulberry spring 2012 campaign. Practicality and the inclination towards perfect precision when it comes to proportions are two key components of the new looks.

When it comes to classiness, it can feel difficult to keep things fresh and interesting yet the luxury label manages to offer some delightfully simple yet effective strategies to keep your look current and still maintain a timeless allure. From the label’s standpoint, pastels are still the best alternatives for making the transition towards the warm season as painless as possible.

As far as expressing femininity is concerned, understated is the way to go. This season, reserved touches are the key to looking current and polished which means versatility is a highly valued attribute when creating a spectacular new season look. The color palette is certainly one way of ensuring the looks have a versatile touch but it’s definitely only part of the story. Playing up the look through accessories is definitely one of the best ways to ensure everything stays fab and polished.

Practical handbags are essential for a great look where all the needs are being met. Those who like to invest in their accessories will definitely want to take a closer look at the new alternatives endorsed as these are designed specifically with this concept in mind. As far as the spring 2013 shoes are concerned, the label keeps things simple and classy and the new alternatives are the defining touch that completes the new style vision. If you’re looking to amp up your new season wardrobe, the new campaign is a great inspiring choice.

Photo courtesy of Mulberry