Enlisting the help of the gorgerous supermodels Lindsey Wixson and Frida Gustavsson, Mulberry cleverly reminds us why we are all waiting anxiously for the warm season. In a creative and whimsical fashion campaign that is very distinguishable and evocative, the brand emphasizes the most important trends of the new season in an extremely effective manner.

The Brighton Beach turned out to be the perfect location for recreating one of the universal favorite seasonal pastimes while the surreal ice cream cones, peppermint treats and other sugary decadent treats perfectly matched the array of vibrant bold tones the brand focuses on for the months to come. Simple combos, flirty pieces and a clear focus on feminine choices delight us and make us count the days till the summer begins.

Colorful jackets, airy dresses and long skirts, chunky stripes, practical handbags that faithfully follow the style direction the brand has gotten us used to and fashionable wedges are the most important focal points of the campaign. The simple approach used when it comes to creating the overall structure of the outfits and the trendy yet functional vibe are enough to attract our attention and make us eager to replicate these suggestions in similarly alluring wardrobe choices.

Aside from the skillfully presented eye-catching outfit alternatives, the high end British brand reminds us of one of the most important fashion attributes we should keep in mind when selecting an outfit: the idea that fashion should be fun and exciting rather than being a strictly defined set of rules one must follow in order to highlight one’s personality in a reliable manner. Let simplicity and bold tones be your fashion weapons in the new season by taking inspiration from the brand’s latest campaign.

Photo courtesy of Mulberry