We’ve seen a variety of interesting retro touches, lots of contemporary designs, mixes between feminine and masculine vibes and now we’re going to have a sample of the future. The Mugler resort 2013 collection provides a fabulous glimpse of the possibilities the future brings. The new resort collection by the brand is part of creative director’s Nicola Formichetti and designer Sébastien Peigné’s efforts to revamp the brand and the label sure manages to capture a lot of attention.

A Japanese influence is easily sensed throughout the collection which blends this cultural reference with fab ladylike accents emphasized by motocross rider vibes for an added contrast. As contrasting these fab references might seem, they blend perfectly for a gorgeous allure that steals the spotlight every time. Tailored, clean and edgy are the concepts that ultimately dominate and challenge our notions of how edginess should be represented. Despite the statement value that inevitably became a trademark of the label, wearability is a hugely important aspect for each and every look.

Playing with proportions while keeping everything else fairly subdued is the successful strategy of the brand for memorable looks that don’t fall into conventional routes yet don’t seem excessively far-fetched either. Fitted dresses, bathrobe-like ensembles, hot pants or high waisted flaired ones are just some of the well diversified alternatives endorsed. From highly intentional color combos to fun patterns and cutouts, architectural touches inevitably stand out. Though fairly discreet, theatrical vibes and motifs bring a whole new dimension to the looks.

While the ultra sophisticated ensembles were undoubtedly the ones that stole the spotlight initially, the camera shy model perspective revealed another interesting touch that enhances the sense of uniqueness exuded throughout the collection. Simplicity and well placed touches inevitably make the looks extremely covetable and thought provoking at the same time. If you’re craving a few futuristic touches in your wardrobe, this collection is certainly a good source of insight worth considering.

Photos via fashiongonerogue.com