Make the new season your most daring one yet by exploring the hottest trends in a bold, seductive and creative manner. Check out Massimo Giorgetti's latest MSGM spring/summer 2012 collection for a set of immaginative outfit suggestions.

As we slowly give up dark tones in favor of lighter, more season-appropriate pieces, we search for the perfect bold piece to transform our look. With a bold eclectic perspective and a series of refined touches that greatly enhance the mixing and matching possibilities, the 2012 MSGM spring/summer collection abounds in thought provoking new season outfit options. Bold tones, fab prints and conspicuous feminine vibes quickly summarize the most important trends emphasized by the brand.

Flirty dresses and skirts are the absolute must haves of the collection. Although body fitting, waist-enhancing dress designs are incredibly flattering and popular, they are not the only ones that can help you achieve a trendy look. Airy dresses with different focal points or textures are an important part of the new line. Pleats, stripes or fringes are some of the hot style elements that bring diversity to the collection but bold prints are the true heart of the new line.

A trip in the urban jungle is properly highlighted with the multitude of bold prints put forward. Boldness is the buzzword and jungle elements are the perfect way to portray daring pieces. Big florals, paisley prints or wild animal prints are vibrant in and of themselves, but when combined, the edgy factor is exponentially increased. Naturally, sporting such looks might not be for everyone since they can require quite a comfort zone stretch, but those who don't mind being in the spotlight will definitely benefit from adapting a few ideas to their own style.

Though the pieces are eye-catching enough, a well chosen set of accessories makes the looks even more impressive. Sophisticated earrings, necklaces and bangles, printed fringed handbags along with a noticeably strong preference for golden tones prove that with the right touches, a bold look can be completed and made more sophisticated at the same time. Leave shyness aside and dare to make your world a bit more colorful with these classy pieces.

Photo courtesy of MSGM