Pre-fall months might still be far ahead, but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy a healthy dose of fabulous combos in advance and help us get a good sense of the imaginative combos that can help us shine during transition days. After the uber eye-catching outfit ideas from the spring/summer 2012 collection, MSGM is undergoing a similar route, albeit in a more toned down manner for the pre-fall months offering sophistication and elegance with a touch of boldness as alternative.

Femininity continues to be a top focus of the brand and the multitude of flirty skirts and simple and modern dresses is more than revealing as far as the main style direction is concerned. While the color palette might not revolve as much around the usual vibrant tones, color blocking is still an important influence in the collection and the classy bold outfits created clearly show why. But mixing and matching prints is by far the most easily distinguishable element of the brand and of the collection. Floral and geometric motifs are combined series of eclectic styles for a complex look that is a sure head turner.

Big, busy print patterns are the elements that capture the most interest but textural touches along with the creative proportions are the ones that ultimately help create the ‘wow’ factor. The emphasis on creating proper proportions is more than obvious as it helps put the focal points where most desired. Another important addition that helps create a statement effortlessly are capes which have been somewhat ignored by most retailers in the past seasons.

Despite the colorful experience the outfits can provide, they have a surprisingly classic touch that make them so appealing. Items like fabulous long jackets, classy pointy toe pumps or gorgeous accessories like oversized envelope bags are a few wonderful wardrobe staples that make the combos so fabulous. Other accents like long leather gloves, retro sunglasses or fancy belts which add a luxurious vibe prove to be the icing on the cake when it comes to creating a glamorous vibe.

Photo courtesy of MSGM