Everyone loves a bargain especially when it comes to fashion. If you’re looking for fashionable, key looks to suit your style without having to drill a hole through your budget, check out the new fashion collection signed Mossimo for Target. The 2012 spring season collection came to life after the fruitful collaboration between L.A based designer Mossimo Giannulli and Target. The line is set to bring to the fashion scene trendy, casual-style garments that don’t come along with a high price tag.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an outfit is not a requirement to look fashionable and become a style icon. Get real and search for the best places to shop if you wish to stick to your budget and look fabulous! One of the super chic fashion collections that can help you achieve your goal this spring 2012 season is Mossimo for Target super versatile collection, so browse through the trendy items and mix and match them until you find an outfit that is true to your style.

While some fashion designers opted to turn towards uber-sophisticated fashion items, Mossimo opted to accentuate style in a more subtle, contemporary manner by choosing monochrome fabrics as well as subtle prints displayed on lightweight fabrics that exude comfort and style. Say goodbye to uncomfortable fashion garments and hello to comfy-chic key pieces that will not go easily out of style.

Variety is a necessity when it comes to fashion as only by juggling with different style outfits can you maintain a fresh-vibe style that will constantly spark an interest. Because of this the designer combined versatility with high-end designs and paired the combo with a great price tag that will draw you to the shelves. From fabulous flutter sleeve dresses to stylish maxi dresses, pretty skirts, sexy shorts, must have skinny jeans, pretty tops and cardigans, the collection puts on display the hottest and trendiest casual garments.

When it comes to color, the sky is the limit this season, but the designer chose to play around mainly with brights to underline the fresh and playful style of the collection. Monochrome coral, royal blue, yellow and tangerine are mixed with navy, black and white as color mixing is more than advised this season. The prettiest prints have also been given a top priority in the collection, so enjoy the beauty of cool stripes, stylish geometric prints and flirty floral motifs as they are all fabulous. Spice up your wardrobe with your favorite Mossimo for Target pieces and prepare to make heads turn!

Photos courtesy of Target