Elegance with a playful touch is the main style direction creative director Rossella Jardini has taken for the pre-fall 2012 Moschino collection. With a clear focus on sophistication, she masters the concept and even turns it around and brings unexpected combos to erase the borders between funky and refined. From fabulous dresses and out of the box suits, noteworthy accessories to eclectic prints and striking proportions, the collection covers a myriad of exciting alternatives.

Chic flirty dresses make up an important part of the collection. Simple yet ultra refined, the dress designs stand out due to the creative textural touches that add visual interest and a classy touch. Small jewelry pieces, sheer details, statement necklaces or creative collars are the main style elements that make fairly simple designs truly spectacular. While some of them are designed to be romantic and classy, others have a strong rock chic allure thanks to additions like biker jackets or long leather gloves for an edgier vibe.

Rather than using prints as a leitmotif and constructing the collection around it, the designer uses them as a way to add diversity and a street chic influence. Eclectic spray-painted pants or brick patterned suits heighten the appeal of the collection tremendously as they are unexpected and playful. For an even greater contrast, adding an oversized blazer is a fantastic way to make a statement. Suits are also a significant part of the collection. Wool skirts, fitted blazers and quilted bags prove to be an ultra stylish combo worth replicating in the pre-fall season.

Luxurious coats are another easily distinguishable element that completes the collection. Both a functional and a statement accessory, this piece greatly increases the complexity of the styles presented. With additions like fabulous high heeled sandals, retro sunglasses and mesmerizing refined handbags, the recipe for super-classy, lust-worthy elegant yet whimsical outfits is finally fully perfected and style icon worthy.

Photo courtesy of Moschino