The new season has inspired Moschino Cheap & Chic creative director, Rosella Jardini to opt for a collection with an international appeal. The brand’s fall 2012 collection features an array of spectacular head-turning fun pieces that feature the fun style characteristic to the label. The collection was named Make Up Your Life and it aims to transmit a message to women all over the world to dare and mix and match clothes to find your own style, so you can have fun with fashion as this is what fashion and style is all about.

With a certain elegance yet fun, flirt and out-of-the-ordinary style, the collection absorbed the attention of the public, as perfect lines created on luxurious fabrics and hints of vibrant colors toned down by timeless cool hues, help construct a very alluring style that cannot be overlooked.

Simplicity is not a word in Moschino Cheap & Chic’s vocabulary as the outfits, which seemed to be wrapped around in certain fifties era allure, displayed an enchanting array of details such as makeup prints, patchwork lace, succulent-bright pleated chiffons, dramatic prints and multicolored coats. This season, fur is yet again a definite must-have and Moschino Cheap & Chic designer, Rosella Jardini, made the best out of them with color clashing prints that give a certain youthfulness and tone down the deluxe allure fur usually underlines.

The collection was introduced through ultra feminine fifties style dresses and coats colored subtly in autumnal hues of taupe, gray and black but the the infusion of candy colors that followed gave the spectacular effect that conquered the audience. Variety seems to be at the base of the collection as on display were an array of amazing, ultra feminine pieces that target women with various styles such as lips and glitter mustaches, printed soft blouses and silky dresses, ruffled skirts, pencil skits, midi dresses, stylish pullovers and fab jackets and coats. Check out the collection and learn how to ‘Make Up Your Life’ with the help of Moschino Cheap & Chic Fall 2012.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni via WWD