The name Monique Lhuillier has become synonym with femininity and sophistication and the options endorsed in the resort 2013 collection are more than consistent with this amazing vision. Check out some of the most interesting highlights of the Monique Lhuillier resort 2013 collection.

A punch of freshness and a lot of boldness are the style suggestions for the new year of the Monique Lhuillier brand. The new seasons announce to be extremely fun and cheerful but at the same time filled with elegant touches that will completely dazzle. The label is keen on perpetuating some of the fabulous options that have livened up these months while also adding an artistic touch to the seductive options embraced. There's no shortage of alluring dress styles worth exploring in the new season whether you're looking for body conscious options or you prefer more forgiving styles.

Still, the options remain focused mostly around highly defined structures that put the spotlight on the waist area. Fitted and bold are the concepts to go by and the label is certainly stressing the perspective in a multitude of creative ways. The dresses are designed with classiness in mind, which is why we don't spot overly bold cutouts or extremely low necklines. Precision and romantic vibes blend for an astonishing set of feminine outfits that cannot go unnoticed. Once again, the concept that making a statement doesn't rely on revealing pieces or unexpected cutouts is clearly proven.

Aside from the multitude of cocktail dresses, the label also focuses intensely on fabulous evening gowns. The choice of color in the area is a little bit surprising and unexpected: neons. Given the intense options provided it's more than clear that it's virtually impossible not to stand out. The eye-catching effect of these options is somewhat balanced by the lack of intricate embellishments or attention grabbing elements like sequins. The fabulous proportions provide all the interest needed, however.

Monochrome options are far from boring, as the label adequately shows. The empire waist dress is the main highlight and textural touches are the main elements preferred. Abstract prints are still included to provide more unity to the collection, but the classic options are the main focus. Those looking for options that highlight their sexiness will definitely appreciate high split dresses and the multitude of mermaid style dresses which are considered to be the epitome of seductiveness fashion-wise.

Photo courtesy of Monique Lhuillier