Mlle Epaulette takes a fresh approach on one of the most versatile wardrobe staples: the blazer. Check out the fall/winter 2012 collection.

In the search for the hottest items of the season, we often neglect core pieces that can completely change the tone of an outfit. If you think blazers are common, inconspicuous and generally plain wardrobe staples, the new Mlle Epaulette autumn/winter 2012 collection can definitely challenge such preconceived ideas. The label has taken the concept of a blazer as a style essential and transformed it completely by applying the hottest trends to it with spectacular results.

Those intrigued by the idea of blazers of glam staples will definitely appreciate the simple yet fab modern combos that can instantly put you in the spotlight. A fun twist on the classics is one of the easiest ways to incorporate these pieces into your looks. If you're in need for a holiday piece, the boldly colored sequined pieces can be an obvious choice. If you're a print lover, you probably already know that animal motifs are among the hottest new season options you can indulge in.

There's no need to stretch your comfort level if you're not feeling too eager to experiment. The label makes a variety of styles to cater to as much style needs as possible, so if you like certain accents yet aren't keen on flashing the motif all over the piece, you can definitely find subtler takes on the new trends as well. Invest in fun and versatile staples that you'll love wearing over and over and you won't have problems dressing up or down depending on the occasion.

Photo courtesy of Mlle Epaulette