After the delightful women and engines themed collection presented by Prada at the Milan Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts have had the chance to see the Miu Miu spring 2012 collection which maintains many of the same structural touches we have previously seen, yet comes with a whole new approach in terms of prints and color. Different, without being any less exciting, the line focuses on femininity with carefully placed accents that immediately attract attention.

With mid length skirts, cropped tops and oversized cardigans as key pieces, the brand focuses both on texture and on prints to create well controlled focal points. Unlike many of the high labels’ approach to use soft, airy fabrics like chiffon, the designer has opted for sturdy fabrics that highlight one’s silhouette, without being overly fitted. Unlike the strappy sandals that became a style reference at this edition of the Fashion Week, the brand endorses boots and loafers as accessory choices for defining the outfits.

In the area of prints, the brand also has an interesting and rather eclectic approach focusing on floral prints and pairing them with dots or other abstract motifs. The result is undoubtedly eye-catching and some might say even adorable. Aside from the fashion details that give originality to the collection, the brand also endorses strong, colorful eye makeup styles as a quick way to attract attention.

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