Miuccia Prada is famous for her unique sartorial approach. Since the designer will be showcasing her new collection at Paris Fashion Week, we've thought to search the archives for her hottest past hits!

Famous for her uniqueness when it comes to creating elegant and chic pieces, Miuccia Prada is set to release her latest fall 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week. So, in anticipation to the designer's new line, we searched the archives and discovered some of her hottest previous hits. And each and every one of them seemed to be specially made for women who are not afraid to stand out.

Take for example the Miu Miu fall 2011 collection that brought an array of vintage-inspired uber-feminine pieces addressing to women who love to try something a little bit different. There were dresses, skirts and blouses embroidered and printed with birds or flowers like lilies of the valley, dandelion clocks and daisies.

Well, Miuccia Prada wanted to bring something different for the Miu Miu spring 2012 collection as well. “I designed it in fifteen days, right after Prada,” she said. “With Prada, I think so much. But with Miu Miu, it’s improvisation.” So, the result was a stunning combinations of proportions, textures, prints and colors.

Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

If her spring collection was mostly about femininity, the Miu Miu fall 2012 line had a more androgynous flare featuring oversized men's jackets, pantsuits and loafers.

“I wanted them to be very elegant - but in a way that contains all the opposites of elegance,” said Miuccia Prada of the Miu Miu spring 2013 collection. "It was not about destroying elegance, but achieving a different kind. There was a mixture of the rich and the poor fabrics, a manipulation of fabric and material to mean something else. The femme fatale is never perfect…at least the ones I like." There was denim, duchess satin and plasticized vinyl used in order to get flawlessly tailored pieces.

With Paris Fashion Week in sight, we are all pretty excited to see what the Miu Miu fall 2013 collection will look like. Miuccia Prada will be showcasing the collection on March 6 so don't forget to come back for updates.

Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Miu Miu