The shifts in perspective that occur seasonally are extremely interesting to watch, especially when they occur within the same brand. The Missoni label undoubtedly fits the category. The brand has taken a much more serious approach to design restricting the color palette and creating fun effects while simultaneously upping the elegant allure of the looks. Despite the fact that the label has alternated between highly colorful options and conservative ones, it seems that it has decided to adopt a few retro vibes and go for well defined, tailored pieces wearable for more than just one season.

Fitted is the concept the label has put a strong emphasis on whether feminine or androgynous vibes are the ones desired. A variety of interesting prints are being emphasized as alternatives aside from the iconic zig-zag prints that made their way into pretty much the majority of the collections. The abstract vibes are undoubtedly an expected touch given the brand’s eclectic perspective. Precision is the defining characteristic of the fabulous combos presented from structural touches to the highly purposeful focal points.

The multitude of dresses clearly highlights the message that the femininity will continue to be the dominant option of the new year. Still, opting for girly girl designs isn’t necessarily the only way to go. There are plenty of interesting alternatives that are not necessarily ultra conspicuous. The tonal palette is certainly a part of the inconspicuous vibe of the shown style choices. With only a few tonal variations worth focusing on, the label defines its perspective even more enabling us to envision the high degree of versatility that hides behind the simple yet super effective combos.

As far as accessorizing goes, the label keeps it fairly practical: belts that highlight the waist without dividing the body from a chromatic standpoint, practical handbags, fun bracelets, comfy yet stylish wedges and the occasional retro-inspired hat, all done tastefully without taking major style risks. Balance and simplicity with a fun vibe are always good concepts to go by and the multitude of fabulous options created through this simple principle is a clear reflection of this general truth.

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