Popular brands MINKPINK and Urban Outfitters have joined hands to deliver a totally glam collection just in time for 2012 holidays, so check out the cool result, next!

This holiday 2012, brands MINKPINK and Urban Outfitters fused their ideas to create a one of a kind, glamor filled fashion collection that features elements characteristic to both labels and the result is style overdose! The holiday season has declared war against casual attire, so if you're looking for a totally up-to-date take on style, focus on glitter packed elements, mesh insertions or metallic finish fabrics as glamor unlimited is the way to go and MINKPINK x Urban Outfitters definitely took this into account when they put together the holiday 2012 collection.

The entire collection has a glam, vintage appeal that cannot be overlooked as today's modern honeys want to make a statement as far as their style goes and the easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to choose patterns that take on either a futuristic or a past approach to fashion and MINKPINK and Urban Outfitters chose to revive certain vintage styles and bring them back into the spotlight!

Now, it doesn't take a psychic to tell that the essential element that should not miss from your holiday season wardrobe is the dress! Most brands have focused their attention on this particular element, making the dress a must have, and this collection doesn't take a different approach to style and we're glad it doesn't as nothing seems to ooze sexiness quite like the all mighty dress.
The take on this sexy item? Vintage baggy dresses featuring sexy short cuts as well as bodycon dresses that pack either sexy cut outs or glistening paillettes. Either of these designs are created to make the wearer stand out and accentuate that silhouette and those gazelle-like legs that you're so proud of, so dare to flaunt your sexy curves in the most glamorous short dresses.

Now, the honeys that don't necessarily feel in their comfort zone wearing short skirts don't have to be disappointed as the brands didn't overlook this aspect and managed to create various sexy leggings that hug the thighs to emphasize your fab legs as well as vintage shorts that scream sexiness and comfort. As far as the upper body goes, you can either opt for vintage shirts or cropped tops that expose your toned midriff, so chose to transform yourself into the woman that you want to be this holiday as whichever MINKPINK x Urban Outfitters ensemble you choose, you can't go wrong!

Photos courtesy of Minkpink