Step out of any style rut with the youthful and edgy ensembles found in the new Global collection for 2013 from MINKPINK.

The MINKPINK Global 2013 collection is filled with intriguing new season options which exude youthfulness and edginess. Fashionistas who are still wondering unsure about the right festival fashion choices this year will definitely find the new alternatives inspirational. The label has just celebrated its launch to the US market with a variety of options which will draw all eyes on the daring fashionistas who are looking for a way to completely step out of any 'ordinary' vibes. With distinguishable '90s vibes thrown in, the new collection shows the truly daring side of the season's new trends.

Models Montana Cox and Rachel Rutt and Zippora Seven bring the defining concept of the MINKPINK Global 2013 collection with the help of photographer Elvis Di Fazio and stylist Pip Vassett of Yen. A melange of abstract prints, colorful stripes, bold animal prints, studs and even tie dye accents define the label's new line. The mantra of the new MINKPINK 2013 line? The funkier, the better. Still, selecting eye-catching MINKPINK clothing is only part of the story. The styling and accessorizing are the necessary additional steps which truly transform the pieces into statement makers.

MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013

If there's one principle that sums up the philosophy of the label, don't be afraid to layer different styles and prints would definitely be it. Whether you opt for MINKPINK shorts or MINKPINK dresses, the same principle applies. While pairing a boldly printed piece with a more subdued pieces is a great start, going one step beyond that will definitely test your limits, so you should be sure you're prepared to handle the extra attention. Accessories are an essential part of the equation as well.

To match the edgy flair of the looks, the new accessories are also in the daring range. The jewelry pieces are bold and conspicuous and while the pieces are not necessarily intricate, the options definitely become strong focal points of the outfits. When it comes to footwear, however, things are simpler. Sneakers are, after all, the cool girl's essential style regardless of the season, packing plenty of statement making potential especially if you opt for metallic accents.

MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013 MINKPINK Global Collection 2013

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