The Milan Fashion Week fall 2014 edition might have just began, but it has already brought a myriad of stunning elements that are worth analyzing a little closer. From unexpected pastels for the season ahead despite a strong focus on practicality, to interesting sporty yet feminine twists, the first days of the 2014 Milan Fashion Week proved full of interesting surprises. Here’s how these ideas influenced some of the most memorable lines presented so far:

MFW Fall 2014: Gucci Fall 2014 RTW Collection

The Gucci fall 2014 collection focused on real clothes for real women and was meant to be a reflection of the label’s stylistic essence. Indeed, the new options radiated practicality, but with a significant dose of glamour as the brand got us used to over the years.

Gucci Fall 2014

It seems that, like Tom Ford, the designer found inspiration in the sixties, bringing many clean, precise lines, a variety of tailored suits, military-inspired pea coats, and leather pieces in a much lighter color palette compared to the spring 2014 line which had a sporty/techno vibe. Pattern-wise, the label opted for animal prints and bold crystal encrustations. See the complete Gucci fall 2014 collection!

MFW Fall 2014: Max Mara Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Max Mara Fall 2014

The Max Mara fall 2014 collection also revolved around practicality, however, with a much more conservative approach. The brand gave up the exaggerated proportions we’ve spotted in the fall 2013 line, opting instead for looser silhouettes with plenty of masculine elements. Like in last year’s line, chic coats made from heavy tweed, patent leather or fur in versatile tones of charcoal, black, khaki, navy or camel, were the true stars of the show. Among the interesting highlights of the Max Mara fall 2014 line were the metallic accessories the label put into the spotlight. See the full Max Mara fall 2014 collection!

MFW Fall 2014: Blugirl Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Blugirl Fall 2014

The Blugirl fall 2014 collection was another line inspired by the sixties. Designer Anna Molinari used the same decade as inspiration for her Blugirl spring 2014 line and it seems like she’s updated her brand with chic options for fall. Feminine alternatives with a luxurious twist are the label’s main suggestions for the cold months of 2014. The new collection brings stunning long sleeved floral printed dresses and a myriad of baby doll dresses in subtle pastel tones, fur coats, classic coats, animal print details and even shimmering floor length gowns. View more from the Blugirl fall 2014 collection!

MFW Fall 2014: Fendi Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Fendi Fall 2014

The Fendi fall 2014 collection brought an interesting selection of modern yet feminine ensembles. Military influences and the label’s signature opulent fur trims seemed to dominate the new line which revolved around dark tones for the most part. A lot of velvet pieces, particularly dresses, could also be spotted in the new line. According to the brand, the “sporty chic collection of fluid shapes and artistic camouflage” was the perfect way to illustrate the idea of a wild feminine spirit. Another interesting aspect of the new line was Cara Delevingne’s presence on the runway as the show was the only one from this Milan Fashion Week fall 2014 edition where the renowned supermodel was spotted. See more from the Fendi fall 2014 collection!

MFW Fall 2014: Costume National Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Costume National Fall 2014

The Costume National fall 2014 collection was another interesting example of a practical approach to style that encompassed sporty and military influences while also successfully merging feminine and masculine elements. The label opted mostly for a versatile color palette with occasional strong colorful accents for a more interesting twist. The looks the brand put forward brought juxtaposed rigid and fluid elements for an interesting contrast every single time. See the complete Costume National fall 2014 collection!

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