It might not seem like it now, but the holidays are right around the corner which means that the new fashion alternatives are starting to arrive. For the Michael Kors label, the best possible alternative to selecting the most fabulous new season designs is to imagine yourself in the situation itself. The brand has done exactly that and its vision of the party involves simple yet luxurious items that never fail to attract attention even though they’re not necessarily meant to feel flashy.

Staying away from harsh proportions or uber bold cuts, the brand manages to bring a fabulous set of alternatives which although have a strong festive vibe still manage to create the feeling of sophistication and refinement which shoppers will undoubtedly be willing to emulate during the upcoming months. Keeping important pieces mostly on a neutral side is far from being boring and the sequined pieces or the luxurious gold dresses are a strong testimony in this regard, the splendid gold dress being able to instantly steal the spotlight.

If you like to keep things fairly subdued color-wise, you’ll certainly need a set of fab accessories to ensure that the focus is well placed where you want it to be. In this regard, the label recommends beautiful purses and handbags in contrasting tones, luxurious, well made watches or fun sunglasses to complement a simple yet extremely fab outfit. Then, of course, there’s also the option for going for a flowy flirty dress in a fascinating tone that will greatly diminish the need for many additional contrasting accents.

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors