In need for a style update with a bohemian vibe for the upcoming months? Then the Michael Angel spring 2012 collection is a perfect candidate in your quest for style insights. Pick the styles that most fit your personality from the ones presented.

Abstract prints are getting a subtle comeback for the spring summer 2012 season and the style perspectives tend to vary greatly from designer to designer giving fashionistas plenty of mesmerizing alternatives to choose from. The Michael Angel collection for the warm season focuses on casual wear with a strong emphasis on comfort.

Cultural references are a must when standing out is a top concern and the designer gladly reveals the elements that served as inspiration for the collection: "Prints and colors this season are inspired by 1920's photographs of Alexandria and personal family photographs. It is an examination of my heritage; a once decadent civilization I've revisited with an understated embellishment that is almost futuristic. Technology and progression in fabrication and printing techniques echo the advancement of the Ancient Egyptians." 

We are in for a colorful treat in the upcoming months judging by the prevalence of eclectic, vivid tones that immediately draw all eyes on the outfits. However, despite the attention grabbing effect of the prints, the outfits are pretty well balanced and don't usually come up as excessive or even mildly overpowering. Dresses are an important highlight exuding femininity and even a dose of practicality.

Pleats are another trend that is subtly reflected in the collection as are long skirts and jackets. Jackets are a necessary spring staple and become a strong element that creates interest by adding texture and an additional point to focus on. The ways in which this style staple can serve such purposes are intelligently demonstrated throughout the lookbook.

Since comfort and multiple mixing and matching possibilities are also top focuses for the upcoming months, skinny jeans and killer heels are left aside for comfy flat sandals and looser pant styles. Since the bright tones and creative texture highlights are enough to make the outfit stand out, accessories are not an essential part, so they are mostly avoided for simplicity's sake.

Photo courtesy of Michael Angel