The latest Michael Kors fall 2013 campaign brings models Karmen Pedaru and Simon Nessman once again into the spotlight. The luxury label focuses on outfits that blend urban chicness with a sporty yet glamorous vibe styled by Paul Cavaco in the new campaign shot by Mario Testino in Los Angeles. The new campaign marks ten years of collaboration between him and the high end label. Speaking about the new campaign, the designer stated: “We wanted the campaign to reflect the ‘bright lights, fast city’ inspiration of the fall collection. It conveys an attitude of speed, endurance, and glamour in sporty-chic silhouettes and electric colors.”

The motto of the new Michael Kors campaign for fall 2013 is definitely something we can subscribe to: “The fall collection was all about urban athleticism—this idea that to live in a city today, you need the speed of an athlete and a wardrobe that can keep up.” Though the ‘athlete’ part is something we’re unsure of,  we can definitely see how the new creations could fit in a modern woman’s closet. The high life allure is reflected by luxurious helicopter rides. In such luxurious settings, the opulent vibe of the new creations is definitely easily perceivable.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

For the fall 2013 season, Michael Kors has focused its attention on sexy dresses, modern cuts and luxurious coats that instantly make a statement. The new campaign, which is set to be launched globally in 38 countries starting with next month features several simple yet smart combos and luxurious accessories. Though the new line features plenty of trendy accents, the overall vibe is simply that of modern luxury, a characteristic that has dominated the label’s creations for a while now.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 Ad LooksMichael Kors Fall 2013 Ads

The label is surprisingly consistent in terms of its ad choices, but this is far from being a bad thing. A single glimpse at the new campaign easily proves that Karmen Pedaru reflects the label’s image perfectly. Whether we’re talking about houndstooth fur coats, straplesses bodycon dresses, practical handbags, sexy shoes, luxurious watches and jewelry or amazing aviator sunglasses, they all share the same modern classic allure that never fails to impress.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 Campaign PicturesMichael Kors Fall 2013 LooksMichael Kors Fall 2013

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Photos: Michael Kors