Do you love to shock people with your fashion style? Then check out these innovative melting tights and leggings signed URB Clothing and tell us which ones suit your fierce, statement-making style best!

Attention fashion junkies! There's a new fierce trend in town and it's crazier than ever. Melting tights are the concept that captured all of our attention as their unique, bold style cannot but stand out and shock. The brand responsible for the melting tights is URB Clothing and it seems that the young label is making sure it leaves a print on the streetwear scene.

The trend shouldn't come as a surprise as the spring 2013 fashion trends have shown that diversity and originality are the keys to a successful, ever-fresh look. URB's innovative melting tights are surely packing that uniqueness that will make you stand out of the crowd. However, the slime dripping effect is not for the fainthearted, so you shy darlings should give these tights a second thought before allowing them to work their magic as they will surely make jaws drop and traffic stop!

A quick glimpse at the designs should be sufficient to get you to make up your mind whether you love them or hate them, but one thing's for certain, the hearts of the divas that love to make fashion statements will surely skip a beat at the mere sight of these innovative melting tights.

Melting Tights by URB Clothing Melting Tights by URB Clothing Melting Tights by URB Clothing Melting Tights by URB Clothing

Since color is a big part of the season, URB Clothing decided to go with the trend for their tights collection using pretty pastels and neons. Honeys that love color will have a blast raiding the pink, neon green, baby blue, pink, yellow and turquoise melting tights. Those looking for a fiercer look can opt for achromatic designs such as silver glitter, black and white melting tights or plain black.

The rubbery texture of the melting effect ensures the designs are quite realistic, so check out the innovative color combos and pick the melting tights that you feel would surely suit your style as there are numerous styles and shade mixes to choose from! Get your fix at

Melting Tights by URB Clothing Melting Tights by URB Clothing