Elegance and femininity are always a great perspective to live by, even more so during the cold seasons when the choices tend to become more subdued and less colorful, which can feel somewhat like a style restriction. The newest Max Mara Studio campaign, however, aims to help put the excitement back into fall wear with a fun new set of pics depicting a homey, dreamy atmosphere. Toni Garrn and Querelle Jansen bring the brand’s leading style perspective in a relaxed and refined manner.

Highlighting femininity is once again a top concern. However, unlike many summer collections which abound in florals, bouffant styles and a lot of flashy tones, the new style perspective is much more modest and oriented towards classiness. As a result, the options can appeal to a much wider range of women of different age groups. Discreet yet elegant is the focus of the season for the label and judging by the variety of tempting choices offered, the choices will definitely prove a tempting alternative.

Though definitely not print heavy, the label uses a few fun motifs to provide inspiration to those who love such forms of visual interest. The animal print proves once again the suitable choice for fall for their indisputable wild yet uber classy allure. Tweed, knitwear and fur accessories present themselves as the go to alternatives for the rainy season. With a few flattering skirt styles and a few subtle and elegant dresses, the bases of flirty yet sophisticated will easily be met. With a refined and versatile jacket style, the layering effect will be well represented, bringing a sense of completion to the looks.

Accessories are another important part of the looks presented. Among the best outfit boosters leather gloves, hosiery, fun brooches, classy handbags, leather boots or elegant pumps are some of the most interesting options worth mentioning. As long as a good, flattering structure is created, playing with focal points as well as accessories becomes a simple and ultra effective method to impress. Aim for sophistication and classiness this fall and you’ll be amazed how much this simple mental perspective changes the way you see your choices from the available alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Max Mara Studio