Matthew Willliamson is out on a mission to emphasize the multitude of style characteristics that define elegance with a feminine touch. Creating fabulous on trend tones without relying on the usual cliches and blending boho chic vibes with breath-taking refinement is a daring endeavor yet the designer tackles the challenge with flying colors offering a fabulous set of classy attire options that surpass expectations and steal the spotlight effortlessly conquering with their irresistible charm.

Gorgeous abstract vibes and seductive classic hints with a twist, unexpected sheer touches and fabulous combinations are the most distinguishable elements from the collection. Femininity is emphasized by a multitude of gorgeous dresses with varying lengths, amazing blazers and a multitude of luxurious understated touches. Bold touches are not forgotten and striking color block vibes, revealing necklines and high splits are a strong proof that daring doesn’t ever have to be synonym with flashy or tacky.

Jumpsuits and high waist pants, extremely popular in the past seasons have a well deserved moment in the brand’s collection and paisley motifs represent a true fresh touch that is as beautiful as it’s unexpected. With a blend of soothing neutrals and exciting bold tones for the colorful statements we have come to know and love, it’s obvious that versatility and moderation are the best style concepts worth endorsing in the days to come.

Structural details are the preferred choice as far as making a statement is concerned and the amazing vibe fringes bring is enough to attract attention and reduce the need for complex layering techniques. The accessories don’t become crucial either for completing the look and practicality or the desire to add a finishing touch seem the only reasons for which they are even included. Platform sandals, handbags that are perfectly adapted to the outfit and occasional jewelry are the defining alternatives for the collection.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Williamson

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