Wearable, modern, sophisticated and ultra covetable are the characteristics that pretty much sum up the multitude of gorgeous outfits included in the Matthew Williamson resort 2013 collection. A strong emphasis on simple structures with an amazing power to wow and fun textural details inevitably draw attention on all the right features. Simple dresses which exude femininity without being overly flashy and super conspicuous and a subtle blend of textures add even more interest to the fabulous looks.

The work of artist Mat Collishaw and German furniture designer Judith Seng proved a worthwhile source of inspiration for the designer who balanced masculine and feminine touches perfectly and added the right amount of structure and proportion into the mix. Geometric vibes suit this style perspective perfectly and the variety of cool combos worth replicating is truly impressive. At least a vibrant touch is the defining style rule of the grand majority of the ensembles envisioned.

Bringing a series of bold yet ultra tempting sheen touches to day looks is a well calculated style risk which makes everything even more attractive and helps us get out a tiresome routine which revolves heavily around extremely safe options that don’t manage to spark up our creativity and sense of adventure. Women who are in the quest for simple structures and like to play with patterns and defining accents will definitely fall head over heels for the delicate motifs spiced up with fun accents that make each piece turn heads instantly.

Embracing a few bold color combos or relying on prints and sequins to make everything pop up virtually eliminates the need for sophisticated, bold accessories in order to complete the look. In fact, platforms are seen as the perfect way to complete the outfits while providing a perfect balance. If you’re into gorgeous modern additions for your wardrobe, the pieces from this collection should definitely be on your radar in the near future. Daring to take a little risk can prove extremely exciting especially with such exquisite alternatives to choose from.

Photo via style.com