Simplicity can prove a fab option for the hot days. Don't believe us? Check out the uber-stylish outfits from the Massimo Dutti summer 2012 campaign and see for yourself how easy the recipe for effortless elegance can be.

The high accent placed on brights, bold pieces and statement jewelry is perhaps the dominant style perspective of the season. But, while the visual appeal such elements bring is strong, sometimes we cannot help but feel that a little subtlety is in order. The Massimo Dutti brand seems to be on the same page if the summer 2012 campaign is any indication. A return to classy soft tones and feminine silhouettes without the strong 'look at me' cue proves a breath of fresh air from the color charged seasonal lookbooks.

Gorgeous long skirts, luxurious jackets and cardigans along with flirty blouses are the stars of the latest campaign and a few wonderful options for glaming up your wardrobe for more than a few months. The lightweight fabrics will ensure your skin will be able to breathe while simple layering rules will enable you to adapt to changes in temperatures. Ladylike minimalism and understated elegance are the road less traveled when it comes to new season attire choices, so making a classy statement can be as simple as going for less conspicuous pieces.

Massimo Dutti Summer 2012 Ad Campaign Massimo Dutti Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Another refreshing option that can be spotted in the campaign is the prints choice. A touch of eclecticism goes a long way and here it becomes a refreshing option that constrast a lot of mainstream print options. A discreet retro vibe tones down the otherwise modern vision of the brand and the end result proves effortlessly chic. If we are to talk about suitable color choices to recreate some of the looks shown, pristine white, soft pink, light grey and even subtle gold tones are the most obvious picks.

There's no need to go overboard trying to create a fab outfit. Simply opting for different textures and practical accessories for the most part can do the trick. Furthermore, focusing on enhancing your natural beauty can greatly reduce the need for extra effort when it comes to accessorizing as the campaign adequately shows. Try the 'less is more approach' once in a while for a quick style update.

Massimo Dutti Summer 2012 Ad Campaign Massimo Dutti Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Photo courtesy of Massimo Dutti