Topshop has joined hands with designer Mary Katrantzou to create a super stylish fashion collection for spring/summer 2012. The new season is all about making an impact through color and flirty prints, and it seems that the upcoming Mary Katrantzou for Topshop spring/summer 2012 collection features a perfect union between these two new season characteristics. Forget about boring monochromes and switch to heavy prints as this upcoming season there’s no room for error, and intricate, heavy-looking prints have taken over the fashion scene.

Drawing inspiration from her fall/winter 2011 fashion collection, Mary Katrantzou created an array of amazing fashion ensembles that feature the designer’s signature prints. Girly, flirty and fun, the collection is a magnet for attention and will surely not go by unnoticed. Perfect for the ladies that love to stand out of the crowd and for girls that are not shy to go wild with heavy prints, the collection will be hard to resist falling in love with. The architectural knowledge Ms. Katrantzou has gathered in school before turning towards studying Textile Design has contributed greatly to the amazing success of the designer’s previous fashion collection and this collection is most definitely going to head for the same direction, towards success.

Apparently, the priceless vivid crystal flower brooches and the Qing Long Dynasty floral motif china stand behind the heavily printed fashion collection. The colors and motifs mixed together create a paradisical allure that mesmerizes from first glimpse. The simplicity of the cuts is complimented by the sophisticated print of the fabrics, thus resulting in a well balanced collection that requires nothing else than confidence to underline a fashion-icon worthy look.

An array of colorful floral motifs, birds and other graphic prints featuring the hottest seasonal colors such as white, black, royal blue, yellow, red and pink tones decorate the easy to wear pants, laid back blouses, scarves and flirty dresses. The colorful prints help underline and define the sophisticated allure of the new capsule collection signed Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, so take a peek at the designs and pick your favorites as soon as the designs hit the shelves.

Photos courtesy of Topshop