Back when it was first announced, the Marni for H&M collaboration intensified the retailer-designer collaboration to a new high. Now, with the first pictures of the collection released, shoppers can truly decide whether the limited edition collection was really worth the wait. Vintage vibes, a multitude of feminine, classy pieces and eye-catching prints dominate the collection which puts an interesting spin on the playful lady-like allure concept.

Dots, stripes and other abstract touches are the main focus when it comes to creating interest instantly. The brands don’t stay away from mixing and matching prints and even see the technique as a simple yet effective way to create a fabulous look. The focus on femininity is emphasized with lots of dresses, skirts and floral themed collars. Leggings and knee high socks are seen as the fashionable solution to be able to stay on top of the latest trends without being unprepared for the temperature shifts the new seasons often bring.

Retro inspired blouses, classy cardigans, fabulous spring jackets and statement bracelets are just some of the must haves of the collection. Colorful without being excessively flashy, cute yet easily distinguishable and full of attitude, the collection is a breath of fresh air among the multitude of styles that strictly follow the mainstream trends of the season and that increase the risk of uniform-like outfit styles based on the current tendencies. Also, unlike many brands which put the focus exclusively on style with regards to footwear, the two companies put a fairly strong accent on balancing the tendencies.

Necklaces, classy yet casual earrings, handbags, thin belts, sunglasses or funky hats complete the list of ultra covetable accessories that make the collection a fashion lover’s delight. The pieces from the limited-edition collection will be launched online and in selected stores starting with March 8, so be sure to mark the date in your calendar if you are lusting for any of these pieces as they will most likely fly off the shelves at lightning speed.

Photo courtesy of H&M