We’re always looking towards the future fashion-wise in order to see the hottest style perspectives the industry’s creative minds have envisoned. The Marchesa label has constantly provided gorgeous and thought provoking alternatives with a highly sophisticated touch that made us come back for more. The spring 2013 collection is bulit among the same lines, with a variety of eye-catching outfits worth analizing. Femininity steals the spotlight once again as it becomes one of the leading style perspectives of the upcoming year.

Luxurious vibes meet fun and eclectic proportions and shying away from spotlight isn’t much of an option with these magnificent designs. Golden embroidery is perfect for instantly taking a design to the next level with a sophisticated allure that is recognizable within seconds. From subtle hints to intricate motifs, the style element is extremely prevalent in the newest collection by the label. Attention to details is definitely the strength of the collection which brings a multitude of covetable ensembles worth remembering.

Cropped tops, ruffles, sequins, subtle pleats, fun cultural influences…there are so many things to love about the newest collection. The new season will definitely prove a good excuse for stepping out of your comfort zone and sporting some uber feminine ensembles. From bold tones to fun neutral tones, the choices are fairly varied and extremely interesting. Staying fab is definitely a lot easier with some of the statement pieces presented. Although the items are a statement in and of themselves, for a complete look, the accessories still play an important part in defining the ensembles.

Gorgeous sandals, fun pumps or classy platforms are just some of the things that can complete these gorgeous outfits. Since the pieces are eye-catching on their own, the pieces don’t need a lot of extra attention on the upper body part. Still, a fun pair of earrings that beautifully mimics the complex allure of a dress is definitely a fabulous idea for making things look harmonious and well put together.

Photo courtesy of Marchesa