The renowned fashion label Marchesa just unveiled its newest perfectly soft detailed creations that aim to underline femininity flawlessly. The Marchesa resort 2013 collection features impeccable lines, high quality fabrics and beautiful patterns that the brand is known for, making the pieces more of an investment rather than just a collection that suits only one season.

The brand’s designers, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are known for their penchant for glamorous, intricately detailed garments. No wonder that their resort 2013 collection is not short on luxury as from floor-length dresses featuring intricate embroidery to short dresses that display a gorgeously beaded netting laid over a soft monochrome fabric and stylish coats, each fashion item has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that attracts attention like a magnet.

Marchesa’s specialty when it comes to fashion seems to be formal dresses that are infused with a high dose of luxury through the impeccable craftsmanship displayed in each and every piece. Simplicity is not a characteristic at Marchesa as the brand loves to give their outfits the ultimate party glamor look whether it’s through the design, the fabrics used, the embroidery, intricate tulle display or rhinestone/sequin applications. Formal dresses should be fun and should make women feel like true divas and the designs, which regularly make it to the red carpet events, are not shy to display details that are both youthful, fun and elegant at the same time. One of the details that give that fun-flirty allure to Marchesa’s dresses is feather application and according to Georgina Chapman ‘it wouldn’t be Marchesa without some feathers’.

Variety is a definite must in fashion and this detail makes its presence felt from the beginning as Marchesa brings a series of gorgeous dresses to the fashion scene, ranging from monochrome statement color pieces with intricate folds and taffetta to soft silhouettes that mould after the body’s curvaceous forms, rose ruffled dresses and oh-so-glam pieces that feature intricate embroidery, a characteristic of the Marchesa atelier. To go along with the ultra feminine designs, the designer paired the garments with crystal embellished high heels, lace or crystal encrusted clutches and sophisticated shoulder bags, so browse through the collection and select your new season favorites!

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