Another glam infused fashion collection makes its debut just in time for the holidays as glamor has become a requirement for the season. Doing what it does best, Mango channeled its energy to create the Party Collection, a definite must try for the holiday 2012 season if you’re a total diva. The all glamor approach to style is not something new when it comes to Mango, however, the brand’s designers definitely went wilder with ideas for this particular collection.

The name, Party Collection, says it all as your eyes will have a feast at the mere sight of the glitzy glam, paillettes adorned fashion creations and the oh-so-stylish accessories created to match the festive designs. If until now you’ve found it difficult to dress appropriately for a holiday party, you’re going to have a blast pairing these stylish designs and you’re most definitely going to fall in love with the outfits that were created to lift the ‘weight off your shoulders’ when it comes to infusing style and glamor into your new season wardrobe.

Glamor unlimited is the first word that comes to mind from the first glance at the fabulous garments that feel elegant, chic and contemporary, as scintillating details adorned on high-end looking patterns cannot but steal the spotlight and make women stand in line to get their hands on party essential garments that will turn them into the women they want to be. The variety of the designs enables you to find a dress that does your body justice, so you won’t have to compromise when it comes to looking hot. Cover up without losing your sex appeal using a cool black maxi dress or show off your killer legs by turning towards a hot bodycon dress. Leaning towards a deux piece instead? Mango’s got the perfect options for you, as their stylish tops featuring a sateen finish or heavy embellishments will look amazing whether paired with a pencil skirt or a classic pair of trousers. Amp-up the sophistication factor and the comfort level by layering a fur jacket or a cool blazer over your fave outfit as Mango’s got the most exquisite designs to choose from.

Now, are you not feeling fabulous yet? Well, if these stylish garments weren’t enough to get you to say SOLD, the wonderful display of necklaces, rings, bracelets, dangling earrings, stylish clutches and killer heels will surely force you to take out your wallet! All the accessories are packed with eye catching rhinestones and gems, so they can accentuate even further the ‘blingtastic’ factor that is such a must this season. On the other hand, the shoe designs take on a more classic, simple approach to style so that you can balance your look to perfection, therefore explore the wonderful designs featured in Mango’s Party Collection for holiday 2012 and make sure this season you’re not going to get by unnoticed!

Photos courtesy of Mango