Winter days are just around the corner. While the thought itself isn’t exactly exciting, its implication, that new styles are about to hit the market can definitely be. Mango joins the wide array of retailers who have began showing off their goodies for the days to come. If for some labels this means going over the top and showing off unexpected combos, the newest catalog from the label, which features Karlie Kloss, takes a rather different approach.

The new offerings tackle both casual alternatives and alternatives you might find useful for the holiday time of the year. A multitude of takes on the classic black dress are undoubtedly the first ones that attract attention. From modern and edgy to romantic and slightly edgy, the new options are meant to highlight all these different perspectives. Whether you like high splits or more modest styles, the label has plenty of options to accommodate your needs.

When you need to spice things up, you can definitely go for a little bling. A sequined top in gold or silver is a great choice as such pieces are definitely on the trendy must have list this year. Golden cap toe alternatives are another great option for those who would like to have a more interesting touch that won’t necessarily be the main point of attraction of the outfit. Of course, there’s no need to settle or black only.

If you’re on the quest for basics that will take you through this season, paying a retailer a visit can definitely prove worthwhile. With a lot of focus on neutrals, the label offers plenty of fun approaches to make outfits centered around such interesting pieces filled with personality. In the newest catalog, color has a well defined role and it certainly stands out given the great degree of minimalist these alternatives show off. From coats to dresses, there are plenty of pieces to analyze.

Photo courtesy of Mango