The summer arrival brings more than sunny days and optimism. If we’re talking about important retailers like Mango, the hot months are also a wonderful opportunity to display fabulous combos to capture the spotlight without trying too hard. The summer 2012 collection is filled with color, patterns and interesting textures and proportions that highlight the most important style directions of the season without being overly trendy or difficult to pull off.

Feminine vibes blend with fun sporty touches in a series of gorgeous ensembles which combine simplicity and fab urban vibes, bringing a distinct appeal to the casual chic styles. The blend of versatile pieces with fabulous, on-trend items never fails to amaze and Magdalena Frackowiak’s bold, carefree attitude really helps the youthful spirit of the outfits shine through. From beloved faded jeans to the girly dresses, the focus on comfort and self expression is more than obvious.

From jungle themed pieces to more mainstream approaches of the popular trends like pleats, eclectic prints, stripes, dots and even occasional sheen, the newest collection does a great job emphasizing the exciting style options the season lays ahead. Fun blazers, versatile denim pieces, ultra flirty dresses and skirts, lovely bold toned handbags, tees or knitted sweaters, there are so many things that immediately get on the top of the summer must have list that we can barely keep up with.

Creating proportions and adding the right accessories play an important part in creating that fabulous put together allure. Thin belts, colorful handbags and bangles, vests or boots and sneakers have a huge influence in defining the looks and highlighting the desired features. Experiment with a gorgeous selection of both versatile and trendy pieces for an affordable style makeover that will help you express your personality.

Photo courtesy of Mango