Bright, neon tones are not typically the best choice for the cold season, so finding ways to create interest with more subtle tones can be a challenge at times, especially for those who like to place the accent on eye-popping prints and colors. With a focus on creating youthful outfit styles that take inspiration from the Parisian fashion, the Mango November 2011 collection features simple yet creative options.

The effortless chic vibe of the lookbook is perfectly reflected by supermodel Tali Lennox in the photos shot by Enric Galceran. Jeans, leather, star and animal prints, stripes or very subtle polka dots patterns are a few of the fashion trends the November lookbook brings back to our attention. Feminine and masculine touches are perfectly balanced throughout the lookbook both of the styles being extremely wearable and easy to replicate in real life.

Slightly faded jeans are an interesting style staple the brand uses in simple yet fabulous combos throughout the lookbook. The jeans – leather jacket combo is probably one of the most used casual chic combos and taking a look at the outfits, it’s easy to understand why. Short, flirty dresses are also featured in the collection for the girl that isn’t willing to tone down the seductiveness such pieces can bring, even with lower temperatures. Trendy or classy: take your pick. Either way, the dresses are truly lust-worthy.

A little sheen never hurt anyone and the brand includes this style element sparingly in the latest collection. While not exactly screaming look-at-me, the subtle change in texture and color is a fabulous addition that increases the versatility of the looks present, offering a somewhat festive vibe. In the area of accessories, pointy toe shoes and boots are an interesting alternative promoted by the brand.

Photo courtesy of Mango